Vortex of the Great Unknown


Welcome, Visitor – come inside. This is Dimension 317, division of the Zoetropic Galaxy.  While solar quakes foretell the coming Vortex, we prepare. Our world is not (or is it?) like yours. Masses suffer from Dimnesia – a condition that suppresses a once vibrant society into joyless dystopia. Beware the void – it seeks suppression. Here, we practice deep sensational sensing of the senses. Come. Learn. Revel in a taste like no other. It is the only way. We need you. Igniting salt, light and sense – help us – help us to survive the storm.


*Vortex of the Great Unknown was inspired by a vegan Snapdragon Honey Teriyaki Noodle Bowl,  a tangerine  and a dream. Hours of research into synesthesia, anatomy of the tongue, solar storms and vortexes followed. Up sprang vibrant characters who hear flavors and taste colors. Serenity and Robin gladly embarked on Fringe adventure #3. 



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