Booty-liscious Cast Tales

piratesBOOTBOOTY has an eclectic treasure trove of cast members on deck…


Albert W. Hicks

     Jared Joplin 

(Will Mag, Ray Howell, Albert W. Hicks, Carlisle, William Lovell, pirate & crew)

Jared is both thrilled to be working with Tangled Leaves Theatre and to be a part of the Cincinnati Fringe Festival!  Recent Cincinnati Theater credits include Pride & Prejudice at Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, The Sound of Music at The Carnegie and Merchant of Venice at Cincinnati Shakespeare Company.  He lives in Bellevue, KY, a pseudopod of Cincinnati, with his lovely fiancée, Erin – the Captain of his Heart.  He dedicates this performance to the wonderfully strong women in his life.  He is a proud member of the Actor’s Equity Association.

SONY DSC  Serenity Fisher 

(Ramona Schmidt, Fanny Campbell, pirate)

Booty 01

Ramona Schmidt

Ahoy!  Serenity is thrilled to present “Booty!” her fourth Cincy Fringe production with co-writer/director/best pal, Robin OK. Serenity is a singer-songwriter, playwright, actress and pirate enthusiast. Her album “Rogue Strawberry,” containing tracks from her first play, “Sophie’s Dream,” is available on iTunes, CD Baby and the internet-at-large.  Serenity’s band, “Serenity Fisher & The Cardboard Hearts” joins the amazing cast of “Booty!” on stage. Come see “The Hearts” post-fringe concert on Saturday, July 19 at Molly Malone’s in Covington, KY. Serenity and Robin are also co-facilitating a week long creative summer camp for girls, grades 4-8, at Mason Arts Alliance in July.  Enjoy the show!! Peace in and Peace out!

Allison Bishop headshot Allison Bishop  (Davi Mag, Sadie the Goat, Sloane Schmidt, pirate)

Booty 05

Sadie da Goat

Allison is excited to return to the stage after a hiatus from theatre. She has performed in across the country in a variety of theatre, including musicals, children’s theatre and Renaissance Festivals. Favorites include South Pacific (Nellie Fourbush) and Your Mom. Allison performs live music in local bars and restaurants. Find scheduled events at AllisonBishopMusic on Facebook! Thanks to Serenity for thinking of me, Robin for putting up with my ridiculous schedule, and the whole cast and crew for making this show a show!

amy.headshot  Amy Lord Flury  (Aunt Winona, Rachel Wall, pirate)

Booty 03

Rachel Wall

Amy is no stranger to creative pursuits.  Having graduated from the College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning at the University of Cincinnati in 1987, she has pursued her love of design and detail while indulging in a side of raucous singing with one of her various bands.  Over the years she has been lead singer, back-up singer, solo artist, interior designer, woodworking design specialist, artist and mother.

missyheadshot.b&w Missy Williamson

(Dr. Hannah Holzer, Gallus Mag, Pirate, Choreography) 



Missy is extremely proud to join the cast of Booty! Missy brings her passion for the art of pole dancing, in the role of dancer and choreographer. During the day, Missy plays the role of ” Recruiter” at Graceworks Enhanced Living. With  a B.A. in Theatre and minor in Dance from Murray State University, she played in The Diary of Anne Frank, Crimes of the Heart, and Nice People Dancing to Good Country Music. After graduating, she received an Internship at Actors Theatre of Louisville where she had the pleasure to work with Jon Jory. Missy went on to receive her B.S. in Human Resources and has not performed on stage since. Missy thanks Serenity and Robin, who have inspired her to release her creative side. She also thanks husband, Joe, for having patience and taking on more responsibilities with their 5 year old son, Evan.

Bett headshot Bett Kooris, (Voice of Captain Channing, Assistant Director)

Bett is delighted to work once again in a Cincy Fringe production.  Her recent performances include: 2013 Mariemont Players: The Lion in Winter (Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine); 2013 The Drama Workshop: Barefoot in the Park (Mrs. Banks); 2012 MPI: West Moon Street (Lady Windermere); Middletown Lyric Theatre: Keely and Du (Du); 2011 Stage Crafters: Crossing Delancey (Mrs. Mandelbaum); 2010 The Drama Workshop: On Golden Pond (Ethel); Cincinnati Fringe Festival 2010:  Global Lovers (Kentucky Woman



Meet the BOOTY! Band

Serenity Fisher, pirate musician

Audiences and critics agree that the music in BOOTY! A Revolutionary Pirate Tale, currently at Cincinnati Fringe Festival, is exceptional.
From the exquisite original score, composed entirely by Serenity Fisher, to the quartet providing live music throughout, the music is “perfection,” according to Julie Erngenbrecht of the Cincinnati Enquirer. Bart Bishop of CityBeat croons, “the music by The Cardboard Hearts is wonderful, equal parts jazzy nightclub sleaze, rowdy port pub, Fleetwood Mac Rock & Roll and Tori Amos Pop, their sound and Fisher’s lyrics are immediately catchy and hummable.”

The reason the music in BOOTY!  is such high quality is because it is brought to the Fringe stage by remarkably talented and experienced musicians who are passionate about their craft. Meet the members of the phenomenal “BOOTY! Band” (aka The Cardboard Hearts)….

Bobby Fisher, guitar & piano

Bobby Fisher

Bobby Fisher, Guitar & Piano

Bobby is a world-renowned guitar virtuoso, multi-instrumentalist, recording artist, composer, and clinician. He is delighted to be making his Fringe debut as a musician for Serenity’s “Booty Band” with fellow Cardboard Hearts.

Bobby has served for over 25 years as program coordinator for the NPM Guitar Schools and Guitar/Ensemble Institutes.

In the 1980’s as a member of the band, “Whiskey Hill,” he shared the stage with Lee Greenwood, Sawyer Brown, and the Gatlin Brothers at nationwide events for Kroger. In the 1990‘s, while working with the Fountain Square Fools and later Inner Visions, his musical talents were called upon to co-facilitate team-building events at trustee meetings for the Mercy, Holy Cross, and Sisters of Charity healthcare systems. Currently, Bobby is Director of Music Ministries at St. Agnes Church in Ft. Wright, KY.

Bobby has recorded and produced a number of his own music collections for various publishers, and has worked as producer and guest musician on countless others. One of his most recent releases is “Ancient and Unending,” a recording he released last year with fellow Booty bandmate Michael Ronstadt.

Bobby is much in demand as a studio musician. His guitar work has appeared on commercials for Ford, Kroger, P&G, Chevrolet, Kings Island, Skyline Chili, and Coca Cola as well as television shows, including Life Styles of the Rich and Famous, All My Children, General Hospital, As the World Turns, Passions, and One Life to Live. His playing featured throughout “The Greatest Race” at the Kentucky Derby Museum.  As a guest musician, he has performed in venues ranging in size from small clubs to concert halls, arenas, and stadiums, most recently at Carnegie Hall and Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.  Bobby currently lives in Cincinnati, OH with his wife and family.

Michael Ronstadt, cello

Michael Ronstadt

Michael Gilbert Ronstadt, Cello

For two decades, Michael has entertained audiences throughout North America on cello, guitar and voice. Dan Buckley, writer for The Tucson Citizen noted Michael’s “amazing command of the typical and exotic sounds of the cello, a true virtuoso and a man of instinctive musicality.” Michael holds his Master of Music in Cello Performance (208) from the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music.

Rose Reidmiller Gowda, Violin

Rose Reidmiller Gowda

Rose received her Master of Music degree from the Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music. An active and versatile freelance musician, Rose can be seen performing a wide range of styles with groups all around Cincinnati. Rose is also Director of the Suzuki String and Orchestra programs at Wyoming Fine Arts Center and CCM Prep Department where she teaches a full studio of Suzuki violin and viola students, ages 4 and up.




Matt Halvorson with Serenity & Rose

Matt Halvorson, Percussion

Matt has a B.A. from Indiana University in Ethnomusicology, the study of International Music and Culture. He incorporates an innovative blend of percussion instruments from Peru, Brazil, Morocco, Egypt and Ghana; backing incredibly talented songwriters, Serenity Fisher, Noah Smith, Carrie Newcomer, Krista Detor and many more over his 21 year career.

Serenity Fisher & The Cardboard Hearts perform concerts locally in a variety of venues with their next post-Fringe performance  Saturday, July 19 at Molly Malone’s in Covington, KY.

Who’s Who in BOOTY!

There are a total of 14 characters in BOOTY! A Revolutionary Pirate Tale – played by a cast of 5 + one voice over.

Meet the far out characters who tell the tale of a steamy Boston Bicentennial scene….

"Auntie Nona", "Mona-mee", The "Mag Twins," 1976

Aunt Winona, Ramona, Davi & Will Mag, 1976

Ramona Schmidt – 17. Lives with Aunt Winona. Attends private all-girls school. Wants to change the world.

Will Mag – Ramona’s neighbor and lifelong friend.All-American “boy next door.”

Davi Mag – Will’s twin sister. Ramona’s best friend. Boxing’s her thing.

Winona Stowe – Ramona’s guardian and hip auntie.

"Rooftop Ray"

“Rooftop Ray”



Ray Howell – British artist and activist who recently moved into Ramona’s building. Hangs out on the roof.

Sloane & Carlisle

Sloane & Carlisle

Sloane & Carlisle – Ramona’s jet-setting parents who traverse the globe in search of eclectic treasure.


Dr. Hannah Holzer – A pioneer in paranormal research. Loosely based on Hans Holzer, often credited with coining the term “Ghosthunter.”

Dr. Hannah Holzer

Dr. Hannah Holzer

And then there are the Pirates, mateys… all based on actual historical American pirates in the 17th & 18th centuries

Rachel Wall, Fanny Campbell, Sadie the Goat, Albert W. Hicks

Rachel Wall, Fanny Campbell, Sadie the Goat, Albert W. Hicks

 Rachel Wall – Plundered and pillaged late 18th century, New England coast

Fanny Campbell – Heroic revolutionary pirate, New England colonies, 1775

Sadie Farrell ( Sadie “da Goat”) – gang member turned pirate, New York, 1860s

Albert W. Hicks (“Hicksey”) – Last pirate to be hung in America, 1860. Bedloe Island, New York

Gallus Mag – Massive British woman bouncer at “The Hole in the Wall” Bar

Captain Channing – an intentional mystery



Allison Bishop headshot











Jared Joplin plays all male roles: Will Mag, Ray Howell, Carlisle Schmidt, Hicksey + random pirates/crew

Serenity Fisher plays Ramona Schmidt and Fanny Campbell + random pirates 

Allison Bishop plays Davi Mag, Sadie the Goat, Sloane Schmidt + random pirates

Amy Lord Flury plays Aunt Winona and Rachel Wall + random pirates

Missy Williamson plays the ship’s sail, Gallus Mag, Hannah Holzer + random pirates

* Bett Kooris plays Captain Channing

Yes, it’s quite a production! Especially since the playwrights vowed to keep it simple this time round 🙂 Go figure.

When & Where to see “Booty!”

BOOTY! A Revolutionary Pirate Tale at Cincinnati Fringe Festival

Art Academy of Cincinnati, 1212 Jackson St, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Wednesday, May 28 at 9pm

 Sunday, June 1 at 7pm

Monday, June 2 at 8:45pm

Wednesday, June 4 at 8:45pm

Saturday, June 7 at 4:15pm

Rachel Wall, Fanny Campbell, Sadie the Goat, Albert W. Hicks
Rachel Wall, Fanny Campbell, Sadie the Goat, Albert W. Hicks

All of the pirate characters in Booty! A Revolutionary Pirate Tale are based on actual pirates who plundered and pillaged the high seas along the eastern seaboard in the 18th and 19th centuries. Each one visits our protagonist, 17 year old Ramona Schmidt, as a ghost messenger. Each pirate tells her tale, beseeching Ramona to pay heed, in song. All original music composed by Serenity Fisher and performed live by her band, The Cardboard Hearts.

Girl Ghost Pirates Sing “Centuries”

This haunting song, “Centuries,” opens Booty! A Revolutionary Pirate Tale, sung by girl pirate ghosts, Rachel Wall (Amy Lord Flury), Sadie the Goat (Allison Bishop) and Fanny Campbell (Serenity Fisher).

All music composed by Serenity Fisher and  performed live by her band, The Cardboard Hearts, featuring Bobby Fisher on keyboard & guitar, Michael Gilbert Ronstadt on cello, Matt Halvorson on percussion and Rose Reidmiller Gowda on violin.


“BOOTY! A Revolutionary Pirate Tale” debut – Cincy Fringe 2014


 A historically hip & happening musical!

YO HO HO! Boston, MA, 1976! Pirate Purgatory Purged!  Three feisty, fierce female pirates booted out their hellish hole of empty and into a hot, hip 70s summer. Their mission? To pillage and plunder, preparing 17 year old Ramona Schmidt and friends to navigate the sordid yearnings of mind, body and soul. Chock full of pirate props, song & dance, magic boots, revolutions, revelations, sexy Brits, cigarettes and so much more! Avast Ye!

Tangled Leaves Theatre Collective is bloody thrilled to bring their 4th collaborative creation to Cincinnati Fringe Festival 2014! Originally inspired by the book, Booty! Girl Pirates on the High Seas by Sara Lorimer, Serenity Fisher and Robin O’Neal Kissel once again enthrall audiences with this quirky, fun production, including three fascinating pirate femmes from American history…Rachel WallSadie the Goat, and Fanny Campbell.

Rachel Wall

Rachel Wall



Sadie the Goat

Sadie the Goat

Fannie Campbell

Fannie Campbell

Batten down the hatches!

Prepare ye for Adventure!


Vortex of the Great Unknown: Meet our Cast

Tangled Leaves Theatre Collective has been blessed with a remarkably talented cast for this year’s production at the Cincinnati Fringe Festival.

First meet The 5th Taste Researchers! We are proud to introduce our main characters — and the phenomenal actors who have brought them to life:

Dr. Sally Sauce  ———————  Torie Wiggins

Mabel Maple ———————–  Serenity Fisher

Peter Bitterman ——————–  Dashielle Waterbury

Honey Teriyaki ——————–  Whitney Argadine

Vortex of the Great Unknown also features some special behind-the-scenes characters who definitely help round out the full experience of being in Dimension 317….

BUD (Broadcast Update: Dimnesia) ———–  Derek Stockwell

Syd Field ——————————————–  Jeff Burkle

Vintage XP 11 ————————————–  Gregory Lawson

Dr. Albert V. Oid ———————————-  Nick Rose