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Nothing. Something. Dark Riddle. Crooked Fiddle.

Are you a writer or do you write?

Are you a teacher or do you teach?

Are you a father or do you parent?

Strip away all of the roles you play and what is left?

The story of a Jane Doe with dissociative amnesia, sifting through her subconscious with the help of an enigmatic musician and a perceptive doctor.

Written by Serenity Fisher with music performed and composed by cellist Michael G. Ronstadt.

Also featuring Allison Bishop.

Click here to purchase TICKETS

Cincy Fringe Festival Performances:

Wed, May 27 @ 8:15PM
Tue, June 2 @ 7:15PM
Fri, June 5 @ 7:00PM
Sat, June 6 @ 1:00PM


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