“Booty! A Revolutionary Pirate Tale” debut: Cincy Fringe 2014

 A historically hip & happening musical!

YO HO HO! Boston, MA, 1976! Pirate Purgatory Purged!  Three feisty, fierce female pirates booted out their hellish hole of empty and into a hot, hip 70s summer. Their mission? To pillage and plunder, preparing 17 year old Ramona Schmidt and friends to navigate the sordid yearnings of mind, body and soul. Chock full of pirate props, song & dance, magic boots, revolutions, revelations, sexy Brits, cigarettes and so much more! Avast Ye!

Tangled Leaves Theatre Collective is bloody thrilled to bring their 4th collaborative creation to Cincinnati Fringe Festival 2014! Originally inspired by the book, Booty! Girl Pirates on the High Seas by Sara Lorimer, Serenity Fisher and Robin O’Neal Kissel once again enthrall audiences with this quirky, fun production, including three fascinating pirate femmes from American history…Rachel WallSadie the Goat, and Fanny Campbell.

Rachel Wall

Rachel Wall



Sadie the Goat

Sadie the Goat

Fannie Campbell

Fannie Campbell

Batten down the hatches!

Prepare ye for Adventure!



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