Vortex of the Great Unknown: Meet our Cast

Tangled Leaves Theatre Collective has been blessed with a remarkably talented cast for this year’s production at the Cincinnati Fringe Festival.

First meet The 5th Taste Researchers! We are proud to introduce our main characters — and the phenomenal actors who have brought them to life:

Dr. Sally Sauce  ———————  Torie Wiggins

Mabel Maple ———————–  Serenity Fisher

Peter Bitterman ——————–  Dashielle Waterbury

Honey Teriyaki ——————–  Whitney Argadine

Vortex of the Great Unknown also features some special behind-the-scenes characters who definitely help round out the full experience of being in Dimension 317….

BUD (Broadcast Update: Dimnesia) ———–  Derek Stockwell

Syd Field ——————————————–  Jeff Burkle

Vintage XP 11 ————————————–  Gregory Lawson

Dr. Albert V. Oid ———————————-  Nick Rose


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