Getting to Know Opal Opus Characters

The “J” Family

John, Joline, Joey Jo & Josephine

 John (Father): A devoted husband and father. Man of mathematics, science and reason; struggles to express his feelings.  Not sure he is worthy of his wife and the goodness of his life.

 Joline (Mother): A sensitive soul, she feels deeply and can express herself beautifully, but she retreats when overwhelmed or afraid. Struggles with perfectionism in all her roles.

 Josephine (Big Sister:) the lone extrovert in a family of introverts.  She longs for adventure. She’s in the phase of life where she senses the inner freedom of childhood slipping away and is determined not to lose sight of her dreams and ambitions as her mother has done. She cares deeply for her brother.

Joey Jo  (Little Brother): Intuitive, highly sensitive, rich imagination and off-the-charts perception, reveling in details most miss. Most of the time, he feels out of place; misunderstood. He longs to belong.

The “J” family is disconnected on multiple levels: Husband from wife (and vice-versa). Parents from children (and verce-visa). All from his/her own Creative spark, sense of Purpose/Self and Passion for life.


Opal & Opus

Opal + Opus (The Opulent Twins that make up our Play):

Opal = the feminine, heavenly, whimsical  

Opus = the masculine, planetary, earthy

Our bright, shiny amorphous, iridescent gems,  Opal and Opus hold the natural beauty and song-story that releases the purest form of creative flow. They have the wonder-twin powers to activate even the Worriest Warrior ever to un-stick their stuck, realize their gifts and passion and use them to channel chaos into art, creation, science, math, whatever… the gift of BE-ing TRULY ALIVE.

The Writer

(played by Serenity Fisher – Huzzah! Yes, she is meant for the stage) Narrator and spontaneous Creator of dialogue, lyric, action, plot, conflict and resolution. She is Artist/Creator/Seeker, representing all human beans who have something germinating within (i.e. all human beans).

Together, our cast of characters embark on a journey to find the Opal Opus in the intangible (or is it?), indefinable (or is it?), mysterious (yes it is) land of Alakazoo.


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